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Dog Training & Behavioural Therapist

10th March 2017

Megan Brown dealt with: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Like a breath of Fresh Air, Megan met and introduced herself to myself and our little pack,Bear, Sakima & Miakoda, she then Got to know them, & what touched me most was Megans obvious, Interest, Love and Kindness to my beautiful dogs. Megan asked for a history of my two Shepards, & recorded and asked many questions, Then she proceeded, in depth, open up a new world to explain the difference in Megans & Bark busters approach with dogs, and the difference in trainers, obedience, behaviour, pack mentality,Dog Psychology. And also Megans area of Passion and Expertise. I have owned and had Shepards and working dogs all my life and had never been aware of most of this new enlightening information until today.My Pups, as I call them are 2 1/2 yo, I have spent many hours & dollars, in obedience training with them since they were 12 weeks old, been to, and sought out various Dog Specialist, & was left in most cases feeling hopeless and very down about Sakimas future to overcome his Reactive Dog Aggressive fear. In our first Session today, Megan took us through our first lessons, & especially on Sakimas obsession with running our hill, & I have never seen him so responsive and Coherent. Megans teaching, training & ability to see & teach me things I have never seen and then to put into practice, Learn and begin to understand , all in one session is truly mind blowing. After our lesson, We even had one of the quietest trips in the car all together today, & hopping out of the car , the calmest we have ever experienced.. Thank you Megan you have Given me & my Pups so much hope, happiness, & inspiration for the Future. Much Luv, Kiki Sakima & Miakoda.

Kiki C.
Gilston, Queensland

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