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The latest news from Bark Busters, the dog training experts.

  • Will Dog Training Break Your Dog's Spirit?
    Will Dog Training Break Your Dog's Spirit?
    April 25 2018
    I was speaking with a woman the other day who was concerned that training her dog might "break her spirit". Her dog is loving and funny, and she didn't want to do anything that would change that. I don't t blame her. I wouldn't want to break my dog's spirit, or change the quirks and idiosyncrasies which give my dog his personality. more
  • How Does A Dog's Nose Work?
    How Does A Dog's Nose Work?
    April 18 2018
    You know your dog can smell its treats before they've even reached the bowl, but just how does a dog's nose work? Simply put, dog noses are way more powerful than our human ones. They also use a lot more brain power to sniff out things that we can't smell. Here's a look at how your dog's nose is perfectly designed for Man's Best Friend. more
  • Helping A Dog Who Has Lost A Friend
    Helping A Dog Who Has Lost A Friend
    April 11 2018
    It is important for dog owners to understand that dogs actually grieve the loss of other dogs. The grief occurs to varying degrees, depending on the bonds built over time together. more
  • Muzzle Training Your Dog
    Muzzle Training Your Dog
    April 04 2018
    There was a time when muzzles were considered the sign of a dangerous dog. Fitting a muzzle was a last resort for owners who could not trust their dog not to attack other dogs and/or people. Although muzzles are much more widely used these days for many and various reasons other than aggression, owners are often reluctant to use a muzzle as they feel that it will stigmatise them and their dog. However, muzzles can be useful in many ways and their use shouldn't be discounted. more
  • Easter Holidays
    Easter Holidays
    March 21 2018
    It's that time of year again. The shops are full of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns in preparation for Easter weekend, many of us are looking to have a nice long weekend away from work, spending time with family, friends and our dogs. more
  • Dogs Teaching Dogs
    Dogs Teaching Dogs
    March 15 2018
    Just like older brothers and sisters teach their younger siblings, so too do dogs - both good and bad habits! As parents, we generally have more time to spend with the older child since at that point they are the only child. This often happens with dogs. Many dog owners spend a lot of time teaching the older dog how to fit into the family. You hopefully have imposed some rules, and through repetition and training have a well-behaved older dog. more
  • Prepare Your Dog For A Visit To The Veterinarian
    Prepare Your Dog For A Visit To The Veterinarian
    March 08 2018
    Visiting your veterinarian is essential to keeping your dog healthy and happy, and it is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. However, a routine checkup can sometimes be distressing to our canine companions. more
  • Why Retractable Leads Can Be Dangerous?
    Why Retractable Leads Can Be Dangerous?
    March 01 2018
    Many of us enjoy taking our dogs for a daily walk....what you may not realise is the lead you use can dramatically affect how your dog walks on a lead. Retractable leads can be quite hazardous for both you and the dog! more
  • Why Breed Matters?
    Why Breed Matters?
    February 22 2018
    As dog trainers, we are often asked by pet parents what breed of dog they should get. Which is the hardest to raise? The most intelligent? The answer is always the same: it depends. It depends on what type of dog is best for you, your family and your lifestyle. more
  • The Difference Between Loving and Spoiling Your Dog
    The Difference Between Loving and Spoiling Your Dog
    February 14 2018
    Do you love your dog? Of course, you do! If you're a Responsible Dog Owner, developing a loving relationship with your dog based on trust and respect is essential for its emotional and psychological health. more