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The latest news from Bark Busters, the dog training experts.

  • Never Take Chances
    Never Take Chances
    March 06 2019
    It is becoming all too common to hear on the news of a dog attack on a child. There is never a reasonable amount of time to leave dogs and children alone together. more
  • Why In-Home Dog Training Matters
    Why In-Home Dog Training Matters
    February 27 2019
    In-home dog training is designed to help dogs and their families in real life situations and address issues that cause stress such as jumping up, pulling on lead, separation anxiety, aggression and other problems. more
  • Learn More About Puppy Chewing
    Learn More About Puppy Chewing
    February 20 2019
    Most puppies will need to chew when their new teeth are coming in, much like when a baby is teething. Management is very important because everything is a potential chew toy when the desire to teethe is so strong. more
  • Bereavement: Coping with the loss of a dog
    Bereavement: Coping with the loss of a dog
    February 13 2019
    Dogs are with us for just a short period of our lives and yet, during that time, they become a major part of our family. Many people would describe the attachment they feel towards their dog as just as strong, if not stronger, than that felt towards some human relatives. more
  • Dogs and Sleep
    Dogs and Sleep
    February 06 2019
    Sleep allows your puppy to process and make sense of all the information gathering that they did when they were awake. They may even dream about that great chase game and twitch and "run" in their sleep. So, like us, their brains are sorting out useful information and material to remember. more
  • It's Not Their Fault
    It's Not Their Fault
    January 30 2019
    Dogs have toilet accidents, dogs chew things they shouldn't, dogs bark too much, dogs get aggressive. So, if it's not their fault how do we, as humans react? Most important to remember is that there is no place, when sharing your life with a dog, for punishment, either verbal nor physical. more
  • Summer Hazards For Your Dog
    Summer Hazards For Your Dog
    January 23 2019
    Summer safety isn't just for humans. Your dog may want to enjoy being outdoors in the summer, but you need to watch out for summer safety hazards that could put your pooch at risk. Here are some things you should watch out for this summer in order to protect your dog. more
  • National Train Your Dog Month
    National Train Your Dog Month
    January 17 2019
    Many people believe that dog training is just about the basics - SIT! STAY! COME! with a few other simple straightforward commands or tricks thrown in. more
  • Dog Park Safety Tips
    Dog Park Safety Tips
    January 09 2019
    Dog parks are an excellent way to get out some of that "extra" energy your dog may have. Dog parks can also be a great way to socialise your dog -- but can also be unsafe if proper measures aren't taken. The following tips are to help you keep your dog safe and happy at the park. more
  • Does Your Dog Make Mistakes?
    Does Your Dog Make Mistakes?
    January 02 2019
    Even though we are dog trainers and our clients think our dogs are "perfect," they do make mistakes. And in the spirit of full disclosure, so do we. We've yet to meet a dog or person that was 100% perfect all the time. more