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The latest news from Bark Busters, the dog training experts.

  • A Back To School Quiz About Dogs
    A Back To School Quiz About Dogs
    January 15 2018
    Are your kids walking or riding their bikes to school? Do they play in the neighbourhood and encounter dogs? With around 13,000 people each year attending hospital emergency departments in Australia for dog bite injuries, it's important that your children know what to do when they encounter unfamiliar dogs. Give them this quiz to prevent them from dog bites and keep them safe. more
  • Puppies and School Holidays
    Puppies and School Holidays
    January 08 2018
    In this article, we want to talk about the effect school holidays can have on puppies. In the same way that school holidays are a break in routine for your children, they can create a break in routine for your puppy. However, whilst your children understand that after the break they will return to school and resume their weekly routine, puppies quickly develop a new set of expectations and behaviours based on the changes in their environment, and this can create difficulties and setbacks in your training. more
  • Understanding and Training Dogs with Separation Anxiety
    Understanding and Training Dogs with Separation Anxiety
    January 02 2018
    Separation anxiety in dogs is a condition largely misunderstood by humans. We tend to look at everything from a human point of view, even when it comes to our dogs. But they don't think in the same way as we do. When we view the problem of separation anxiety in the home environment, we notice many factors that contribute to it. more
  • How To Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat
    How To Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat
    December 11 2017
    As summertime is here and as the warm temperatures linger throughout the day and night, it's important to keep yourself and your dog well hydrated and cool. Both cats and dogs are particularly susceptible to heatstroke - a potentially life-threatening condition. Here are some helpful tips to make your pet's summer cooler and more enjoyable. more
  • Helping Your Pup Overcome His Fear of Water
    Helping Your Pup Overcome His Fear of Water
    December 04 2017
    Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs like water. Many are afraid of water and its vast uncertainties, and if your pup gets scared at the sight of even a kiddie pool filled with the wet stuff, there are some things you can do about it. Here's how to help your pup overcome his fear of water. more
  • The Festive Season
    The Festive Season
    November 27 2017
    It's that time of year again! Christmas is fast approaching, and the season for after-work drinks, get-togethers and parties is about to begin. Obviously, we all want to enjoy this time of year; but do spare a thought for your four-legged friends as they don't understand the changes that may occur in your routine and your behaviour. We've put together some advice for you to ensure that you keep your dog safe, comfortable and happy during your seasonal celebrations. more
  • Who Is The Boss? You Or Your Dog?
    Who Is The Boss? You Or Your Dog?
    November 23 2017
    Without even recognising it, your dog may be "wearing the pants" in your house. Without a strong leader, it is natural for the dog to take charge and try and be the "pack leader".When our Bark Buster's trainers visit a client in their home, one of the first things we look for is: "who is in charge?" more
  • Could You Be Confusing Your Dog?
    Could You Be Confusing Your Dog?
    November 16 2017
    Too often dog owners ask: "Why won't my dog listen to me?" The simple answer is because they don't understand what you are saying.If you are familiar with the Bark Busters training methods, you know that the foundation of our behavioural changes rests on communication - voice tones and body language. For thousands of years, this is how dogs have communicated with each other. Dogs behave consistently in response to certain triggers. Unfortunately, it is often humans causing the problems when inconsistent commands are issued or rules are not consistently applied. more
  • Natural Dog Behaviours
    Natural Dog Behaviours
    November 09 2017
    Let's face it. Some of the things dogs do drive us crazy! And yet, digging, chewing and jumping all come naturally to dogs. Even so, while some bad behaviours are natural, they do not have to be normal. more
  • Bringing Home A Rescue Dog
    Bringing Home A Rescue Dog
    November 02 2017
    This guide should ensure that your dog is a pleasure to live with and more importantly for the dog, will never be returned to a shelter. more