Unique Dog Tricks

What are the benefits of training your dog to do tricks. It's more than you think we assure you, have a read to find out how it benefits your dog.

June 5 2017
Unique Dog Tricks

Sure, having your dog fetch you a beer from the fridge might be a stunt that can impress your friends, but the benefit of trick training with your dog doesn't end thee...

We find that dedicating some time to teach your dog tricks is time well spent for a number of reasons:

Improves communication - Trick training can help you understand your dog better and allow you to tap into what verbal communication/tone and body language cues help hold your dog's focus and that your dog responds to best...it's a good way to practice the timing of your communication to your dog as well.

Mental stimulation - When you train your dog tricks, you'll be asking your dog to learn that certain words or body language cues are requests for particular actions. Think of it like learning a foreign language. That learning and thinking causes the dog to use his brain...mental stimulation which typically leads to a much calmer, relaxed, well behaved pet!

Exercise - Depending on the tricks you're teaching; your dog may be using muscles he may not use otherwise...or in quite the same way. In turn that can help your dog's muscle tone, balance, flexibility and stamina. It can also help channel an exuberant/excitable dog's energy into more appropriate behaviour.

Bonding - It's important to educate your dog so that he/she knows what behaviour keeps him/her safe and out of trouble anyway. But if you feel like your training is getting too rigid and as a way to take a break from what can sometimes seem like training too many "rules", mix in some trick training to keep things fun! You may even find that your dog looks to you more for direction in other situations too!

There are other benefits to trick training. Studies have shown some evidence that trick training can help with retention of other appropriate behaviours/training, making dogs more eager to please and enjoyable to be around. It can also often help boost the confidence of otherwise fearful/nervous, soft-natured dogs.

Some things you'll want to keep in mind when trick training with your dog:

  • Find what motivates your dog - sometimes "shaping" tricks/behaviour is easier done with food or your dog's favourite toy.
  • Know your dog's abilities and don't force him to try a trick that may be inappropriate for his temperament/personality, size, age, or physical condition.
  • Like with all of your training time, keep trick training sessions short and fun!

Dedicate a little time each day to mix some trick training into your dog's daily education. You'll be able to show off your well behaved, fun companion while you also enjoy being the life of every party!

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