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  • Tips for Dog Owners in Apartments or Units
    Tips for Dog Owners in Apartments or Units
    September 11 2017
    We all know what joy having a canine companion can bring, no matter where we call home. However, for those who live in multi-unit dwellings, a misbehaving dog whose barking and bad manners disturbs others can easily cause ill-will among the most rational of tenants. Bark Busters, the world's largest dog training company, offers tips for dog-owners who share living space in apartments, units, townhouses and the like. ...read more
  • Snake Catchers and Bark Busters
    September 01 2017
    With the snake season fast approaching, dog owners might like some tips on keeping your dogs away from snakes.  ...read more
  • Helping Your Dog Recover From An Injury
    Helping Your Dog Recover From An Injury
    August 07 2017
    Whether your dog is recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, it is important to look after his needs, ensure he has the time to recuperate fully, and follow the veterinarian's instructions. Sometimes this is harder on dog owners because you feel sorry for your dog, but consistent rules and guidance are what our dogs need from us for a safe and speedy recovery. ...read more
  • Deaf Dogs Can Make Amazing Pets
    Deaf Dogs Can Make Amazing Pets
    July 31 2017
    If you are thinking about adopting a deaf dog but are afraid of the handicap, don't be. It's not that they are harder to train - it's just that they have different training requirements. Deafness in dogs is usually inherited or can result from trauma, an ear infection, exposure to loud noises, old age or drug interactions. ...read more
  • Expecting a Baby? Prepare your Dog
    Expecting a Baby? Prepare your Dog
    July 17 2017
    If you are expecting a baby and you have a dog, you will want to prepare your dog for the day you bring home your child. Dogs can feel shunned and become confused and stressed when parents suddenly shift their attention from dog to baby. A dog does not understand why a baby is automatically elevated above the dog in the pack. ...read more
  • One Pup or Two?
    One Pup or Two?
    July 10 2017
    As dog trainers, we are often asked by prospective dog parents if they should adopt one puppy or two and our answer is always the same ? only if you actually want two dogs. ...read more
  • Do's and Dont's of Taking Your Dog to Work
    Do's and Dont's of Taking Your Dog to Work
    June 21 2017
    As Bark Busters trainers, we often get to take our dog/s to work to assist us with teaching other dogs the concept of socialisation. We are lucky we get to spend a lot of time with our canine companions. ...read more
  • Sibling Rivalry
    Sibling Rivalry
    June 16 2017
    I have a sibling, whom I love. When we were young, we used to fight quite a bit. I was jealous of his privileges, such as a later bedtime or staying out later. Some of our fights were bad and on occasion one of us, usually me, got hurt. Our fighting continued until I matured a bit. Thankfully we haven't fought since I was maybe six or seven. Dogs living together sometimes also fight, although jealousy is never the reason. Jealousy is a human emotion not a canine one. ...read more
  • Is your Dog Food Aggressive?
    Is your Dog Food Aggressive?
    May 29 2017
    Speaking of not sharing, one common instance of this we often see as dog trainers is called food aggression. Food aggression is a form of resource guarding in which a dog becomes very territorial when eating. A dog may growl and bare its teeth, lunge, and in extreme cases, even bite. ...read more
  • National Kids and Pets Day
    National Kids and Pets Day
    April 26 2017
    April 26th is National Kids and Pets day celebrating the special bond shared between children and their pets, especially dogs, and is a reminder to parents about the importance of safety where dogs and children are concerned. ...read more