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  • Understanding and Training Dogs with Separation Anxiety
    Understanding and Training Dogs with Separation Anxiety
    January 02 2018
    Separation anxiety in dogs is a condition largely misunderstood by humans. We tend to look at everything from a human point of view, even when it comes to our dogs. But they don't think in the same way as we do. When we view the problem of separation anxiety in the home environment, we notice many factors that contribute to it. ...read more
  • Who Is The Boss? You Or Your Dog?
    Who Is The Boss? You Or Your Dog?
    November 23 2017
    Without even recognising it, your dog may be "wearing the pants" in your house. Without a strong leader, it is natural for the dog to take charge and try and be the "pack leader".When our Bark Buster's trainers visit a client in their home, one of the first things we look for is: "who is in charge?" ...read more
  • Could You Be Confusing Your Dog?
    Could You Be Confusing Your Dog?
    November 16 2017
    Too often dog owners ask: "Why won't my dog listen to me?" The simple answer is because they don't understand what you are saying.If you are familiar with the Bark Busters training methods, you know that the foundation of our behavioural changes rests on communication - voice tones and body language. For thousands of years, this is how dogs have communicated with each other. Dogs behave consistently in response to certain triggers. Unfortunately, it is often humans causing the problems when inconsistent commands are issued or rules are not consistently applied. ...read more
  • Natural Dog Behaviours
    Natural Dog Behaviours
    November 09 2017
    Let's face it. Some of the things dogs do drive us crazy! And yet, digging, chewing and jumping all come naturally to dogs. Even so, while some bad behaviours are natural, they do not have to be normal. ...read more
  • Who Should Be Answering The Door?
    Who Should Be Answering The Door?
    October 16 2017
    Many dog owners tell us they don't mind their dog barking when someone comes to their door. It's seldom because they have trouble hearing the doorbell or knock. They associate their dog's barking with the natural guarding and protective instincts many owners appreciate in their dogs. But if they understood what barking at the doorbell meant to their dogs, they wouldn't let it happen. ...read more
  • Does Your Dog Have Behavioural Issues?
    Does Your Dog Have Behavioural Issues?
    October 09 2017
    What might seem like nuisance behaviours to some can become extremely annoying in their extreme. Here are some common dog behavioural problems we work with dog owners to overcome... ...read more
  • What To Do If Your Dog Starts Slipping Back Into Old Habits
    What To Do If Your Dog Starts Slipping Back Into Old Habits
    September 18 2017
    You'e spent a lot of time and effort training your dog to behave appropriately, but after a while, you begin to notice your pet slipping back into bad habits. It's a common scenario, but thankfully, not as difficult to rectify as you might think. Here's what to do if your dog starts slipping back into old habits. ...read more
  • Tips for Dog Owners in Apartments or Units
    Tips for Dog Owners in Apartments or Units
    September 11 2017
    We all know what joy having a canine companion can bring, no matter where we call home. However, for those who live in multi-unit dwellings, a misbehaving dog whose barking and bad manners disturbs others can easily cause ill-will among the most rational of tenants. Bark Busters, the world's largest dog training company, offers tips for dog-owners who share living space in apartments, units, townhouses and the like. ...read more
  • Toilet Training
    Toilet Training
    September 04 2017
    Toilet training is one of the main issues that we are called to help with. The excitement of getting a new puppy is often replaced with frustration as the reality of the hard work involved in toilet training sets in.  ...read more
  • WIN News Features Bark Busters
    WIN News Features Bark Busters
    July 05 2017
    Philip Comans our dog behaviourist for Illawarra Shoalhaven and Sylvia Wilson (Director) appear on WIN News as many complaints to Wollongong Council have come through neighbour's barking dog(s).  ...read more