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  • Fear Aggression In Dogs
    Fear Aggression In Dogs
    November 07 2018
    A dog who shows aggression to other dogs, or even people can be very difficult to handle. It's not surprising then that one of the main reasons for dogs being surrendered to shelters is aggression. Sadly, the prospects for a surrendered dog flagged as aggressive are not bright.  ...read more
  • My Dog Is Marking In Our House!
    My Dog Is Marking In Our House!
    September 13 2018
    What can you do when your dog is constantly picking up his leg in your home? Move? Not necessary, as there are ways to help you manage this issue. ...read more
  • How To Change Your Dogs Behaviour
    How To Change Your Dogs Behaviour
    August 23 2018
    Problematic behaviour can be distressing for you and your pet. After all, dogs don't misbehave without reason, and a well-behaved dog is an understood and happy dog. Changing problem behaviours takes knowledge and patience, especially if the behaviour has been long-established. Here are some things you need to know about how you can change your dog's behaviour. ...read more
  • What Your Body Language Tells Your Dog
    What Your Body Language Tells Your Dog
    July 05 2018
    Dogs have a specific way of interacting, which includes an instinctual manner of communication. Learning how to communicate effectively with your dog in a language he understands is the first step in establishing your leadership. ...read more
  • How To Overcome Window Aggression In Cars
    How To Overcome Window Aggression In Cars
    June 28 2018
    When you are in the car with your dog, does he suddenly start barking at other dogs and people going past or even at other cars? ...read more
  • Are Some Dogs Born Mean?
    Are Some Dogs Born Mean?
    June 21 2018
    As Bark Busters dog trainers, we are often asked if certain dogs are born mean, or if certain breeds just have a pre-disposition to be aggressive or vicious – like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and other breeds that have been unjustly branded as bad. ...read more
  • Does Your Dog Chase Livestock?
    Does Your Dog Chase Livestock?
    May 24 2018
    Dogs have many behaviours that are instinctive rather than learned. These instinctive behaviours are inherited from their ancient ancestors such as wolves and other feral canines, and sometimes appear to make no sense in the modern world of pet dogs.  ...read more
  • Is Your Dog Afraid?
    Is Your Dog Afraid?
    May 09 2018
    Do you know if your dog is afraid? Knowing the signs of fear in your dog can help you to address this emotion before the fear escalates. Often when we visit a home, we see that behaviours such as aggression, biting, barking uncontrollably, destructiveness and submissive urination may be rooted in fear. Fear in dogs manifests itself in different ways depending on what your dog is afraid of. It can also depend on his temperament. ...read more
  • Dogs Teaching Dogs
    Dogs Teaching Dogs
    March 15 2018
    Just like older brothers and sisters teach their younger siblings, so too do dogs - both good and bad habits! As parents, we generally have more time to spend with the older child since at that point they are the only child. This often happens with dogs. Many dog owners spend a lot of time teaching the older dog how to fit into the family. You hopefully have imposed some rules, and through repetition and training have a well-behaved older dog. ...read more
  • Is Your Dog Aggressive?
    Is Your Dog Aggressive?
    February 09 2018
    As Bark Busters trainers, we are often called upon to help dog owners overcome aggression. In fact, we are one of the few training companies able to deal with this behaviour. Many dog owners are frightened that their dog's aggression cannot be curbed. However, with patience and the Bark Busters training methods, we can make behavioural changes no matter how severe the aggression is. ...read more