Springtime with your dog - Dog Training Tips

4th September 2016

spring with dogs

Now that we have made it through winter and the days are getting warmer and longer, no doubt you will be outside more enjoying time with your dog. So we thought we would put together some tips and advice to help you and your dog stay safe and healthy this Springtime.

  • Make sure you check that your dog is up to date with preventative treatments for fleas/ticks, lungworm and heartworm. Fleas and ticks can cause many problems including flea allergy dermatitis and Lyme disease. Both fleas and ticks can cause dangerous levels of blood loss, especially in young dogs. There are many treatments available that are effective and easy to use, but speak to your vet if you are unsure or feel you would like more advice.
  • Try to prevent your dog from eating plants and flowers. Unless you are knowledgeable about which plants your dog should definitely not eat, it is best to try to prevent the risk by stopping him from eating any plants. It's also worth remembering that lawn treatments contain herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that may be harmful to your dog, so don't allow dogs onto treated lawns until the treatment has dried completely.
  • Should your dog have allergies to flowers or grasses , you may notice that he develops itchy skin which he persistently scratches, licks or bites. If you are aware that this condition only occurs during three months of the year, you can try oral medications to help. It's a good idea to speak to your vet who can perform a skin test to pinpoint the allergy and recommend suitable treatments.
  • Take advantage of the longer days and warmer temperatures to rebuild your relationship with your dog by committing to exercise and training that will re-establish your communication and give your dog a chance to get his brain active again after the long winter months. Practice your lead work, your recall and your basic obedience- the more interactive you are, the more fun your dog will have with you.
  • Be prepared...take water in case the weather warms up, and never leave a dog in a car, whatever the weather. What may seem to be mild temperatures outside can soon turn into oven like temperatures inside a car. It's important to remember that a dog cools down differently than humans and having a fur coat can make for a lethal combination in the car.

Whatever you do, stay safe and have fun with your dog!

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