One Pup or Two?

Should you adopt or buy one or two dogs? Bark Busters answers the question and gives handy tips when it comes to deciding whether you want two or one.

July 10 2017
One Pup or Two?

As dog trainers, we are often asked by prospective dog parents if they should adopt one puppy or two and our answer is always the same ? only if you actually want two dogs.

Some people want two so they have playmates and won't be lonely while home alone. A puppy is adaptable if given the right environment and education in which to thrive.

There is no getting away from the fact that a dog is a pack animal and they are not a solitary animal, but they bond to you and their family the same way they bond to other dogs. They can just as easily bond to another animal if they are introduced properly. A pup and a kitten are a good option if you are not looking to add two dogs to the family unit.

If you do decide to go ahead with getting two puppies you should give careful thought their selection.

Two neutered males can cohabit without too many issues if their doggie parents treat them equally and do not display any favouritism. Unequal treatment is usually behind most sibling rivalry cases ?

A male and a female of equal energy can also cohabit ? this is the best match of all ? providing that the female and male are equally matched in size. If they are different sizes, it's best that the male is the larger of the two. Make sure that the female is spayed or problems could occur if a large male tries to mate with a smaller female.

Two females are not the perfect pair as females invariably want to rule the household. With two females, each will try to be the boss, which can lead to fights.

Consideration should also be given to whether your lifestyle will allow you the time to train and exercise two dogs.

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