Helping your Dog Adjust When Relocating to a New Home

2nd October 2017

Dog relocating

Moving suddenly to another home can be as stressful for your dog as it is for you. To make the transition easier, here are some tips:

  • When taking things in and out of the car or truck, make sure your dog is secured in a crate. This will keep them safe and help the dog feel less vulnerable than if tied up or running free.
  • Take your dog for a guided tour of the new home, inside, and out. Keep it on a lead, and let your dog see every bit of the new place. This will let them explore their new settings safely, without getting lost or hurt. If there is another dog in the home, introduce them properly on neutral territory. (See our tip sheet for introducing a new dog
  • Don’t allow strange people to approach your dog. It will take some time for it to adjust and it can be too much pressure for them. Dogs may use aggression when they feel threatened or vulnerable. Help them feel safe—always. They will approach people when they are ready.
  • If possible, put your dog's belongings in the same rooms of the new house as they were in the old house. If you put their bed in the old kitchen, put it in the new kitchen. Little familiar things will help your dog settle in more easily.
  • Plan to be home with your dog for the first few days after the move. Spend short periods of time away from the house to see how it will respond. That way, when you have to be away from the house, your dog will be better adjusted to being alone.
  • Be patient with your pooch. They may have toilet accidents or feel clingy and nervous for a while after you move. It can take around three weeks for your dog to fully adjust to a move so, provide them with a safe and secure space and be patient while they are settling in to life in a new house.
  • Be careful not to reward clingy or nervous behaviours. Remain calm and confident, praise your dog when it chooses to go to their safe area, and provide mind-challenging toys, such as the Bark Busters  GameChanger® as a pleasant distraction. This can help take your dog's attention off the commotion of the move and focus it on the new toy.
  • Provide your dog with identification information on his collar with your phone number and temporary location. Or, if you have a WaggTagg™ be sure your contact information is up to date.

See tip sheet Helping Your Dog Ease Into Your New Home

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