Celebrating 29 years of Speaking Dog the Bark Busters Way!

Bark Busters is celebrating 29 years of speaking dog. It all started in Australia in 1989 and has since expanded around the world. Any dog, any age, any problem.

September 3 2018
Celebrating 29 years of Speaking Dog the Bark Busters Way!



Bark Busters, the world's largest, most trusted home dog training company is celebrating 29 years of teaching dog owners how to speak dog. Bark Busters is the dog business that almost overnight went from a two person operation, working out of a bedroom in Wollongong, to be a leading international dog training company.

Bark Busters was set up by Danny and Sylvia Wilson and born out of the founder's frustration at seeing the unnecessary surrender of many dogs when Sylvia managed an RSPCA Shelter on the South Coast of NSW.

During her 10 years as the shelter manager, when anyone came in to the shelter to surrender a dog, she would ask what the problem was and then she would proceed to advise that the problem was fixable. If they were agreeable Sylvia and her husband Danny would attend the dog owner's home that night and show them how to solve their problems.

This was all provided free of charge, their aim being to stave off the unreasonably large amount of young juvenile dogs to the shelter. This continued for some years until one day a current affair programme did a story on the Wilson's and they were inundated with calls from all over Australia.

Bark Busters Home Dog Training was born. The Bark Busters dog training system adopts a holistic approach to dog training, teaching people to communicate with their dogs in a language that dogs can understand, which means the dogs learn and respond quickly to training. Not just dealing with barking but all behavioural problems as well as basic and advanced obedience. And its Lifetime Support Guarantee is second to none.

Bark Busters also has dog safety programs available for the corporate sector with their  Stand Rite No Bite® Canine Safety Lectures, as well as the "Dally Says" child safety and educational program.

Bark Busters started in Australia in 1989 and has since expanded to New Zealand, United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Japan and Spain. Since its inception, Bark Busters has trained well over 1,000,000 dogs worldwide. With more than 300 franchised offices in 7 countries, Bark Busters is continuing its mission to build a global network of dog behavioural therapists to enhance responsible dog ownership and reduce the possibility of maltreatment, abandonment, and euthanasia of companion dogs. Bark Busters phenomenal success is largely due to the passion of its founders, the uniqueness of the system, and the dedication of its people.

Bark Busters' dog behavioural therapists are renowned authorities in the area of correcting dog behaviour quickly and effectively. The Bark Busters' training system can successfully deal with any dog and age, any problem, even puppies.

The amazing results Bark Busters trainers achieve around the world with dogs of all breeds and temperaments is what has brought the company such great recognition.