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What Bark Busters clients have to say about our dog training services

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Picton | October 25 2012
The guidance we received from Peter in regards to our case of Sibling rivalry was invaluable. Since our initial meeting four days ago, we have already noticed a significant improvement, and our household has been much calmer. We have also gained much more patience and understanding in training our 1.5y/o doberman X. Our two large dogs are now able to once again sleep beside each other thanks to Peter Permalink
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North Nowra | October 23 2012
Mathew was a great trainer and made our experiences great. Would recommend Bark Busters to anyone with a dog. Such a great training technique! Permalink
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| October 23 2012
Ken was very friendly and explained the training techniques thoroughly. The techniques were simply easy to apply and immediately effective. Looking forward to our next session and taking what we've learnt to an outside environment. Permalink
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Cromer | October 22 2012
I like the guarantee, that's great. Permalink
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Berry Springs | October 21 2012
We have a huge 10 month old pup with no manners, constantly jumping and running over visitors. The day after Janette came we had a visitor and the dog came and sat when told and didn't bother the visitor. He is now a joy to have and not a pain in the butt. Permalink
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| October 21 2012
I couldn't believe the immediate results. Penny responded so well to Paul's technique that following through with daily training was easy. Penny has stopped barking and much less anxious. Thanks so much! Permalink
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Virgina | October 20 2012
Overall a wonderful experience and I cannot wait for everyone to ask us what our secret is and it is Angela! Permalink
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Zillmere | October 19 2012
Excellent training program with simple and effective methods. Our trainer, Angela, was friendly and understanding. Fantastic service, thank you very much. Permalink
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Warner | October 17 2012
I can't believe the difference in one day. My house is now quiet. Permalink
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| October 16 2012
Both Graham and I are very pleased with Keith's training lessons. Commands are clear and his positive manner engenders confidence. Permalink