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Punchbowl | November 04 2013
Ken was calm and in control. He was confident and it was easy to follow his instructions. My dog was quite a different animal by the end of the first session. The 2nd session was about road rules and it was a huge lesson for us both. My dog is now (fairly) calm, he is relaxed and (mostly) obedient. I realise it's about spending quality time with my dog and so far it's working. I am glad I made the call. Permalink
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Forrestdale | November 04 2013
I had used Bark Busters for a previous dog so I knew it was good but for this dog the results were spectacular and I raved about it to friends and one friend had a neighbour with a difficult dog so she recommended Bark Busters. Permalink
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Bennett Springs | November 03 2013
Onyx used to be quite a handful but with the assistance of Glen we were able to apply techniques that corrected undesirable behaviours. He is now a completely different dog and I think we are all benefiting from this training. Permalink
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Ellenbrook | November 03 2013
Words can't describe how happy we were with the first session. The way Glen was able to work with Coco was just unreal. It's been 7 hours since the session and I still can't wipe the smile off my face because Glen is the first trainer to ever have faith in and believe in our dog Coco. Permalink
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Busselton | October 29 2013
A great relief to be encouraged that Buddy's behaviours were correctable, gave us more confidence - less stress. Permalink
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Dunsborough | October 28 2013
Catharina was very clear and answered all my questions. There was a clear change in almost all areas. Simple yet effective. Permalink
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Engadine | October 26 2013
We were at an absolute loss with our German Shepherd puppy. We had a specialist German Shepherd trainer who told us we wouldn't be able to handle her. We had tried what we thought was every dog training trick in the book and nothing was working. After 2 hours with Ken she was a different dog! We still have a long way to go but the progress she has made in just a few weeks is unbelievable. Permalink
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Chiefly | October 24 2013
Bark Busters' methods are easy to follow and Ken was great. I have noticed much improvement with my cattle dog. A few issues I'm still working on but I can finally take my dog out with more ease now. Also wonderful to know I can call if I need to. I like the fact Bark Busters are with you for the life of the dog. I would recommend. Permalink
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Plympton | October 24 2013
Simple but effective. Permalink
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Tannum Sands, Gladstone | October 21 2013
It's only early days however I am excited to give some of the techniques a go and feel hopeful for some good results. Permalink