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Randwick | December 12 2013
Ken was really great. Understanding, attentive and accommodating. He made it very clear and left us in no doubt that he knew dogs and how to get the best out of them. Permalink
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Currambine | December 11 2013
During the last couple of weeks we have been noticing an unbelievable difference towards his everyday behaviour and attitude, especially towards our other dog. Permalink
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Surry Hills | December 05 2013
I was astounded that after one short session, all the concerns I had about my one year old puppy were basically resolved. My pup would try and steal food off our plates while we were eating on the couch, would nibble on peoples hands, would run in every which direction when going on a dog walk, and would bark and jump when we were eating a table. A few weeks on, we are still reminding him not to jump up while we eat at the table (it's a work in progress) but everything else is 100% resolved. Thank you Ken from Bark Busters. Permalink
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Beechboro | December 03 2013
From the day Glen came to our home, there has been an amazing difference in the behaviour of our dog, leading to a vast improvement in our lives that we didn't even know we needed and are now eternally grateful for. We haven't needed ongoing support as yet but it is nice to know Glen is just a phone call away if we fall off the wagon, or something else happens. Definite improvements in our lives, and our lovely dog is even lovelier now he is not the boss, and we are. Thanks very much. Permalink
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Buderim | November 20 2013
The change was remarkable - observable within minutes. I've always loved my dog very much but now I'm proud of him too. Permalink
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Ashfield | November 20 2013
Results were evident immediately. I have a 12 week old puppy and need to know what I needed to do to have a happy dog. It was certainly money well spent. It has brought me peace of mind knowing that I can go to work and feel that my dog is happy, safe and not disturbing the neighbours. Permalink
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Perth | November 20 2013
Brilliant! Leroy is a different dog. Even neighbours, family and friends have commented. We have already recommended Glen/Bark Busters to two others so far (one friend, one random dog owner in the park). Thanks Glen!!! Permalink
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Wooloowin | November 18 2013
We found Lynden to be very personable and knowledgeable. We are already seeing results after day 1 of training. We felt Lynden tailored the training to suit the breed and temperament of our dog. Permalink
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Buderim | November 18 2013
I'm enjoying living with a far less neurotic dog. He has never once barked as I'm leaving home since the training. He is easy to stop barking if something gets him going. He walks beautifully on the lead - even when my 4 year old granddaughter was leading him! Most impressively, I didn't have a peep out of him at full moon when both bats and possums were going crazy next door. Bliss. We're both a lot happier. I'm a walking advert for you and I'm spreading the word everywhere! Permalink
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Brighton | November 18 2013
Gabriel is an excellent therapist who has worked with us to create a calm environment for both us and our dogs - eternal gratitude Gabriel! Permalink