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Menai | January 28 2014
I was surprised how quickly our moodle responded. She has made a huge improvement. Permalink
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Mitcham | January 27 2014
Dogs are responding and showing change. This was excellent and reiterated that practice is worthwhile. Feel a bit silly saying 'Bah' but it works! Permalink
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Woy Woy | January 25 2014
There was huge improvement after just one training session.... I enjoyed a coffee outside without Jethro jumping on me and the table. There is a vast improvement when the telephone rings or I use my phone.... very little reaction now with only an initial bark, no longer barking the entire time I'm using the phone. After the second session, when on the BB lead & collar he is walking at my side and only pulling occasionally when we pass a post! I am extremely happy with his progress. John is a very friendly person and you can sense his passion for the work he is doing. Permalink
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Corrimal | January 25 2014
Mathew was so positive and friendly. He was fantastic with Chester. Permalink
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Dapto | January 23 2014
Would highly recommend this type of training, it has immediate results that flow on. It has helped with the eyeballing and lunging towards other dogs. My dog is following and listening better, he has manners. Never go back to old school training, it's so slow to get results. WOW. I'm impressed heaps. Mat is an excellent trainer. We are blessed. Permalink
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Ellenbrook | January 21 2014
For three years we have had to suffer our little fellow Yanto's barking seemingly at everything that moved or threatened the family. At last we contacted our nearest Bark Busters representative, Mr Glen Guelfi, almost as a last resort. We did not expect miracles - but, after the first four hours we learnt where we had been deficient and what our little fellow needed from us. My wife and I are pensioners but have persevered with the retraining explained by Glen and could not be more surprised at the change wrought in our little chap. He has improved in demeanor and our doggy friends all remark on the improvement. We have not hesitated in telling them the part Bark Busters played, and continues to play. Glen keeps in touch and helps us with any questions we might have. Thank you. We are delighted. Permalink
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Blaxland | January 21 2014
We were exceptionally happy with the advice that Peter from Bark Busters gave us. Immediately our puppy's behaviour changed and improved. The instructions were clear and simple. The whole family is so thankful that we can now enjoy our back yard with our dog. Permalink
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Empire Bay | January 19 2014
John helped us to understand things from the dog's point of view so we could see why these techniques do work. Permalink
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Penrith | January 12 2014
We found Peter to be very experienced and knowledgable in all areas of dog training. He was a great help in solving our problems and has given us the confidence and advice we needed to continue training our dog. Permalink
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MacDonald Park | January 08 2014
I was surprised at how easily the dogs took to the training. Big difference in dogs manner. Permalink