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Magill | November 09 2012
Sue made it very enjoyable. So thrilled to have a sense of control. This technique is far more superior to anything I imagined. Permalink
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Athelstone | September 14 2012
Sue was very nice and friendly and spoke well. Molly changed very quickly. It was amazing. Permalink
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| March 03 2012
Sue was very professional and explained the training process well. We have noticed a huge improvement in the behaviour of our dog! Permalink
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| February 16 2012
I loved the session because I could see an improvement in Jordie's behaviour almost immediately. Permalink
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| January 18 2012
I have learnt how to support my dog to be part of the family in a positive way. Permalink
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| December 13 2011
My chocolate Labrador is a new dog! I was just about to give up on my dog. She was impossible to handle. Within an hour Sue had her submissive and listening to my command. She's an inside dog now and it's a pleasure to have her around friends and family. Thank you. Permalink
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| June 07 2011
Absolutely fantastic!! J Huge changes and improvement immediately. I am extremely happy with this service. I have recommended you to others. Permalink
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| May 14 2011
Boof was a problem dog. Everyone apart from me wanted him to go. Now he is so much better behaved in such a short time. Thanks so much Sue. We are all much happier. Permalink
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| February 08 2011
Sue was very friendly and helpful. Her training advise has helped us immensely. Permalink
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| January 23 2011
So simple yet so effective. Permalink

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