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Valley Heights | February 07 2013
my first session with Peter improved my relationship with a newly acquired animal. I was amazed at the improvement in her behaviour in such a short time, and also how her anxiety levels subsided Permalink
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Currans Hill | February 07 2013
We are glad we came across your program. Peter has extended our knowledge about the canine life. Permalink
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Cranebrook | December 14 2012
We are so thrilled with the change in Lucy. She was a rescue dog, and we had very little idea of her background and whether she would be trainable. Peter helped me to create the changes we needed in our relationship so that Lucy understood exactly what was required of her. We are very happy with the help. Permalink
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Picton | October 25 2012
The guidance we received from Peter in regards to our case of Sibling rivalry was invaluable. Since our initial meeting four days ago, we have already noticed a significant improvement, and our household has been much calmer. We have also gained much more patience and understanding in training our 1.5y/o doberman X. Our two large dogs are now able to once again sleep beside each other thanks to Peter Permalink
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Warrimoo | October 04 2012
great experience Permalink
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Springwood | September 28 2012
The training was extremely educational for me and so easy to follow. By the end of the first session my two dogs had moved forward in \\ Permalink
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Mount Annan | September 25 2012
I was happy not to use food treats/rewards as this is not practical when outside and a bad behavior happens and you have no food.....the Bahhh is so effective and can be used at any time without prior planning. Permalink
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Yellow Rock | September 25 2012
Peter was very approachable and knowledgeable. He has been extremely supportive with his follow up. Permalink
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WOODBINE | September 05 2012
Near instant improvement with our 15mth old Japanese Spitz suffering a bit since losing his best friend. Comes when called, behaving a lot better, still has his odd moments but, nowhere near as bad as he was. Permalink
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Penrith | September 03 2012
Overall I was very impressed with the speed in which Roxy responded to the training. Everyone has benefited from the training she is receiving. thanks Permalink

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