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karen D Sydney, New South Wales | September 25 2014
I was pleased with the assistance advice and followup given by Ken and the fact that there was very appropriate and sufficient time given to discuss all the questions and issues. Ken explained well demonstrated the techniques. His assistance has resolved the issue I was concerned about - barking that disturbed the neighbour as a result of separation anxiety. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety
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Mandy C Peakhurst Heights, New South Wales | August 09 2014
Ken was very knowledgeable about dogs & was patient and encouraging with all of our family. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Pulling, Recall
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North Bondi | May 06 2014
Gunner is a good dog but loves to play rough and his walks were controlled by him. With a baby on the way we needed to be able to control him. Ken was great at getting the information he needed to give us the best possible advice. He explained everything really well and had Gunner obeying commands within the first 5 minutes of meeting him. We could not believe how much Gunner improved after the first session. In the second session Ken went even further and really impressed us with the water bag technique. It was simply amazing to see Gunner concentrate totally on us while we walked passed other dogs. He even seems to enjoy his walks even more now that he has a job to do. As with everything in life you get what you put in, so with constant follow up training that Ken showed us, it has made our 38kg German Shepherd a joy to walk with. I can't recommend Ken enough. Permalink
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Kensington | March 26 2014
My dog was a terrible barker and it was most annoying to me and to my neighbours. I had previously tried using a bark collar, but that only worked when he was wearing it, and then not very successfully. After one session with Bark Busters his behaviour improved remarkably, to the point that someone asked me if I had sedated my dog! Permalink
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Menai | February 26 2014
Ken was amazing! He was very patient and explained everything well. We saw results straight away. Would highly recommend. Permalink
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North Bondi | January 28 2014
Ken was fantastic with our unruly 7 month old staffy puppy, Buddy. Before we called in Bark Busters, Buddy had the rule of the house & he knew it - Ken showed us simple techniques to wrestle back control of the house. It's been just over a month now & everybody has noticed significant positive improvement. We've got a way to go still, but at least now we're on the right track. Permalink
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Menai | January 28 2014
I was surprised how quickly our moodle responded. She has made a huge improvement. Permalink
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Randwick | December 12 2013
Ken was really great. Understanding, attentive and accommodating. He made it very clear and left us in no doubt that he knew dogs and how to get the best out of them. Permalink
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Surry Hills | December 05 2013
I was astounded that after one short session, all the concerns I had about my one year old puppy were basically resolved. My pup would try and steal food off our plates while we were eating on the couch, would nibble on peoples hands, would run in every which direction when going on a dog walk, and would bark and jump when we were eating a table. A few weeks on, we are still reminding him not to jump up while we eat at the table (it's a work in progress) but everything else is 100% resolved. Thank you Ken from Bark Busters. Permalink
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Sutherland | November 11 2013
Ken was amazing. My dogs took to him immediately. He explained the training and it seemed too good to be true. I had tried everything and read so much to try and walk my dog without pulling since I had him at 6 months old; he is now 3. I had never had a result until now. It's a joy to go walking. My other dog had aggression - nobody was able to come near me as she would defend me, and she too is now responding to who is pack leader. I can now hug my hubby without a worry. Amazing techniques that work. Thank you Ken & Bark Busters :) Permalink

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