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Lucy M Turramurra, New South Wales | August 25 2014
Incredible - Archie has been transformed in 2 hours! He is relaxed, obedient and much happier for it! Cannot thank Grace enough - normality has been restored in our house! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Digging, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Puppy management, Recall
Trainer note from Grace : When I got there I knocked at the door i saw Archie ran to the door 5 seconds later Lucy appeared to open the door, but before she can open the door she was trying to calm Archie by holding him back, trying to make him sit which of course Archie didn't do...but of course that made him more excited with me outside the door. So i briefly gave Lucy instructions to follow through the security door when i was sure Lucy's be able to follow these simple instructions...i then when away for a minute and reenact the knocking and so on and immediately Archie was much calmer and stayed behind Lucy without any jumping and nipping which he normally would have done according to Lucy.
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Turramurra | April 26 2014
Grace was very helpful and very thorough. Follow up good. Thank you. Permalink
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Strathfield | February 18 2014
From the start everything was simple to understand. Puppy was more calm and started obeying before end of lesson. The use of Bah was very efficient. Everything was enjoyable. Permalink
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Turramurra | October 18 2013
Overall an excellent session. Permalink
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Newtown | August 22 2013
Grace was very thorough and patient, she was also great with Sunny. I have recommended Bark Busters to 2 friends plus a real estate man I met on the phone whilst looking was a pet friendly apartment! Permalink
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Killara | July 09 2013
A very interesting and informative programme by a most pleasant instructor. Permalink
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Tempe | July 03 2013
I liked Bark Busters because their training doesn't involve using treats or food to get my dog to behave. Permalink
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Colloroy Plateu | July 03 2013
The dogs have seriously just changed their behaviour right round! They respond to Bahh every time. I since have been able to take Bentley for longer walks and have not had one issue! He stays by my left hand without pulling at all. Two days ago when we went for our walk we walked straight past (both only a couple of metres off) from two men washing their cars and he didn't even notice! We also had walkers/joggers going past us and he didn't pull/growl or bark at all! Both dogs don't run and jump on the sofa or beds anymore but they sit on the floor until I invite them up and as soon as I say down they jump straight off. I just want to thank you again for all your help and to let you know I really appreciate everything you've taught me! Permalink
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Queenscliff | May 22 2013
Grace was great. Looking forward to her next visit! Permalink
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Erskineville | May 19 2013
Axel was immediately attentive and more relaxed. Techniques gave instant results. Training was very personal and interactive. We have been given the confidence to hand Axel in any situation. Permalink

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