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Wattle Grove | November 17 2013
Glen made everything easy to follow and everything he said made perfect sense. Marley has not barked at our fence since the first time Glen was here. Could not be happier! Permalink
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Forrestfield | November 15 2013
I loved the training and it went so fast and she picked up on everything so quickly. It was amazing. There was an 80% positive change in her behaviour which gave me hope she was able to be trained. Fantastic job, could not have done it without you. Permalink
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Joondalup | November 11 2013
Glen gave us the tools and info so we could feel like confident dog owners. Was great to be given an "insight" into my puppies brain and begin to understand why he was doing the things he was doing. Permalink
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Ashby | November 10 2013
Thank you so much. Both our dogs are 9 years old. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? What a difference. Kara has gone from a possessive, snarling dog to a calm, happy and affectionate one. Glen was very pleasant, he joked and made the whole experience really enjoyable. Permalink
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Bennett Springs | November 03 2013
Onyx used to be quite a handful but with the assistance of Glen we were able to apply techniques that corrected undesirable behaviours. He is now a completely different dog and I think we are all benefiting from this training. Permalink
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Ellenbrook | November 03 2013
Words can't describe how happy we were with the first session. The way Glen was able to work with Coco was just unreal. It's been 7 hours since the session and I still can't wipe the smile off my face because Glen is the first trainer to ever have faith in and believe in our dog Coco. Permalink
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Kingsley | October 21 2013
Yarla is like a completely different dog when walking on the lead - it is unbelievable. Our family members have all commented on the difference in her behaviour. She is patient, relaxed and seems to really enjoy her walks now. THANK YOU GLEN! Permalink
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Dianella | September 10 2013
Pepi was listening to me and not too interested in our other dog which was a problem. Very happy. Permalink
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Ballajua | September 04 2013
Isabelle has been doing obedience training since she was a puppy and while she could do everything they required, we were having problems with her trying to dominate at home, and the techniques we'd been taught weren't working. Bark Busters' techniques worked straight away and we had a more compliant dog from the first lesson. Permalink
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High Wycombe | August 20 2013
From the moment we were shown the techniques and the response from our dog, everything was instantaneous. Permalink

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