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Forrestfield | April 12 2014
It's great to not only know what to do, but also learn about how my dog thinks so I can understand why I do it. You have been great! Thanks Glen! Permalink
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Carramar | March 13 2014
Incredible results! It's fairly simple and straight forward while not hurting dog at all. I think we learnt quite a bit about our dogs and their nature. Permalink
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Bayswater | February 15 2014
After Glen's first visit I was left with two completely different dogs - amazing transformation. I have been telling all of my clients and friends about Glen / Bark Busters as I cannot believe how well behaved my dogs are now. Permalink
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Ellenbrook | January 21 2014
For three years we have had to suffer our little fellow Yanto's barking seemingly at everything that moved or threatened the family. At last we contacted our nearest Bark Busters representative, Mr Glen Guelfi, almost as a last resort. We did not expect miracles - but, after the first four hours we learnt where we had been deficient and what our little fellow needed from us. My wife and I are pensioners but have persevered with the retraining explained by Glen and could not be more surprised at the change wrought in our little chap. He has improved in demeanor and our doggy friends all remark on the improvement. We have not hesitated in telling them the part Bark Busters played, and continues to play. Glen keeps in touch and helps us with any questions we might have. Thank you. We are delighted. Permalink
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Banksia Grove | January 05 2014
Overall we were very happy with the techniques Glen showed us and has changed our dogs' behaviours so much. Thanks so much! Permalink
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Kingsley | January 04 2014
Thank you so much Glen for showing me how to train my dog and myself to ensure we are both happy. The results were instantaneous and very impressive! I am a very happy dog owner! Permalink
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Ellenbrook | January 03 2014
Our dog was yappy and dominant with strangers and now the yapping has stopped and he looks to us for guidance. It was enjoyable, simple and easy. Permalink
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York | December 24 2013
I was extremely impressed with the results and how quickly they were achieved. Thank you so much, my three dogs are getting along greatly. I can confidently say "I am in control" thanks to Glen's assistance. Permalink
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Currambine | December 11 2013
During the last couple of weeks we have been noticing an unbelievable difference towards his everyday behaviour and attitude, especially towards our other dog. Permalink
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Beechboro | December 03 2013
From the day Glen came to our home, there has been an amazing difference in the behaviour of our dog, leading to a vast improvement in our lives that we didn't even know we needed and are now eternally grateful for. We haven't needed ongoing support as yet but it is nice to know Glen is just a phone call away if we fall off the wagon, or something else happens. Definite improvements in our lives, and our lovely dog is even lovelier now he is not the boss, and we are. Thanks very much. Permalink

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