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Mountain Creek | April 08 2014
Faith was very knowledgeable and informative during the whole session. Panda responded very well. Thank you Faith. Permalink
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Boreen Pt | March 28 2014
After a few days of using BAH technique I'm noticing changes in my dogs behaviours. Looking forward to my dogs reaching their potential. Permalink
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Coes Creek | March 20 2014
This training was great! In just one session my dog has learned his place in the family and his attitude is more subdue and submissive. He is so obedient now it's like have a guide dog! Permalink
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Tamaree | March 11 2014
There were no complicated rules. One word firmly said with a clap and as soon as he stops, PRAISE. I would certainly recommend Faith for training. Permalink
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Luke & Jodi M Caloundra | March 09 2014
A huge thank you to Faith for teaching us valuable techniques to help deal with certain behaviours of our dogs. Her knowledge on dogs and her friendliness helped us to feel at ease straight away. We have already noticed a remarkable improvement in their behaviour!! Thanks. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Pulling
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Kureelpa | February 08 2014
Appreciated that no pain or fear is inflicted on dogs and training is done without food treats. Learned so many things to dispel my concerns. Permalink
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Montville | February 04 2014
I feel so supported and very encouraged by the immediate results. Permalink
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Buderim | November 20 2013
The change was remarkable - observable within minutes. I've always loved my dog very much but now I'm proud of him too. Permalink
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Buderim | November 18 2013
I'm enjoying living with a far less neurotic dog. He has never once barked as I'm leaving home since the training. He is easy to stop barking if something gets him going. He walks beautifully on the lead - even when my 4 year old granddaughter was leading him! Most impressively, I didn't have a peep out of him at full moon when both bats and possums were going crazy next door. Bliss. We're both a lot happier. I'm a walking advert for you and I'm spreading the word everywhere! Permalink
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Mooloolah | November 12 2013
Absolutely amazing. Such noticeable changes in Moet's behaviour and we are now more confident in handling our baby. Very grateful for your assistance and guidance Faith! Again thank you so much. Permalink
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