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Kathryn asks...
Hello bark busters, I have an 18 month old Siberian husky named storm. I've also got a 12 month old husky named floyd. Storm has always been midly aggressive to floyd over toys and food and even when floyd is given attention, storm used to howl and attack her. Recently floyd had gotten quite sick so we had to seperate the dogs for awhile. When we put them both back together storm was severally agressive to floyd, attacking her and mauling her to the point where my father and myself couldn't control her and she terrified us. I suppose my question to you guys is could you be able to help with storms aggression as I feel it's gotten out of control and I am worried for floyds safety and also the safety of my dad as he is storms primary carer, I feel if he disiplnes her she might attack him as she is very unpredictable. Are you able to help us with this?
This Question is about
Aggression, Sibling rivalry
Bark Busters responded: Hi Kathryn, We can help you for sure.  We would need to train both of the girls and
also help your Dad with how to handle them both.   If you don't get control of
both dogs, this will never get better, only worse.  Regards Donna.
Shannan asks...
Hi I moved to Nowra 6 months ago with my dog. He is a very relaxed gentle dog who just loves to be with people. He has always been a bit excited when going for walks and pulls a lot though me and my partner have been training him and he is getting a lot better. Before I moved he has plenty of social interactions with other dogs and has never had any issues though since I moved when I take him for a walk if we come close to another dog or a dog is off the lead and comes towards us my dog starts to growl a bit and seem aggressive.  Do you know what this means? Can you help me?  Thanks much appreciated
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Bark Busters responded: Hi Shannan, the reason you never had problems before was your dog felt
comfortable in the environment he grew up in, now you have moved he is not so
comfortable. I would try restricting your walk close to home for a while, until
he becomes more comfortable.  Over time increase you distance and if you do see
or come across another dog, make sure you keep your dog's attention on you at
all times, don't allow him to look or engage the other dogs. Regards Donna.
Giselle asks...
Hello, for the last 6 months or so, my very gentle, very loving 16 month old dog has barked at people at the park, mainly if they don't have a dog with them. She doesn't like men, and unfortunately she also barks at dark-skinned people, which can be a bit awkward. She seems very ferocious, but is just a pussy cat, and has certainly never bitten anyone. Occasionally she barks at small children but she has lessened up on this a lot. She also barks at work people who come to the house and the occasional friend of my 18 year old son, though not all of them. I find that she won't listen in any of the situations. I certainly never smack her, just try to remove her from the situation i.e. go home from park, or shut her in another room if at home. Suggestions?
This Question is about
Aggression, Barking, Recall
Bark Busters responded: Hi Giselle, she does not see you as
a strong enough leader, so this is why she is acting this way. she does need a
bit of work, but what you could try when she is barking at people that come to
the house, get in front of her, use the word you use for when she is naughty
and clap your hands together, just one or two sharp claps and drive her back,
maybe sending her to her bed, hope this helps Regards Donna.
Sue asks...
Chips has a gorgeous nature and is very friendly. He is also good at barking and letting us know if someone is on the property, but has never bitten anybody. He is not a barker. Our problem with him is when he's on the lead. He was a 'pound hound' and I think he had little or no training when young.  He pulls terribly, which makes it difficult for us to walk him. If we do, after about a week he starts limping on his left back leg, which is perhaps from an old injury which occurred before we got him. We've tried our usual collar/lead, then body harness/lead, and Halti/lead. Collar and body harness have no effect. Halti he hates, but it did slow him down a little. Problem is that he's getting fat through inactivity. We can't take him to the park for Frisbee/ball chasing, (which he can't figure out at all anyway) as he is quite aggressive with other dogs.Help!
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Bark Busters responded: Hi
Sue Lee sounds like you need to keep him rested, or you are going to have to take
him to the vet, we have a communication harness that might work for him, you
can check it out at and if you are interested you can purchase one by emailling Head Office  - I have a male German Shepherd and he
likes to pull and the WaggWalker harness is great on him. Regards Donna
Cath asks...
Hi there, My dog Maggie has recently started charging at strangers at the local park (Or if she sees someone on the street when I let her out to the car)rnMaggie is a nervous dog who still does nervous Pee's> She has been checked out by the vet and it looks like she will be a nervous weeing dog always. I am very nervous about the charging - Once towards a main road (If the 2 people walking the street had of been across on the opposite footpath she wouldn't be here today) Once Maggie reaches them she stops and barks. She is such a softie but this is making me nervous. I have another dog a Kelpie who is so well behaved when out of leash (He lives for the ball) Maggie is walked a min 2 times per day off leash and is very well socialised with other dogs. She even walks with a dog walker 5 times a week. She has charged once while with the dog walker too. Id hate to have to leash her.. Any advice?
This Question is about
Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Other, Recall
Bark Busters responded: Hello - Maggie needs to be on a leash until you have much better control of her.  She needs to learn to stop when you ask her too and come back to you and stay with you when she is called. She is not strong enough in nature for you to be letting her off leash or out in front when walking her, in her mind this is allowing her to make decisions.  If you want her off lead, you must first teach her to walk behind or beside you, in your yard/house areas this can be done off leash, this way you will not have her doing this.  As the vet said, she is going to always be this way, so you need to manager her different to your well behaved Kelpie.  Just make sure  that you always go
through all doors and gates (on lead always when training dogs gate control)  first - Regards Donna.
Sammi asks...
I have a 13 week old puppy named Kira, we've had her since she was 8 1/2 weeks old. She's very smart and learnt basic commands, like sit and wait, within her first week with us, but she's not making any progress, not even small ones, when it comes to peeing inside the house. Iv followed every advice and read lots of online forums, I take her out regularly after naps and after eating and drinking etc. she spends hours at a time in the backyard with my daughter but the second she comes inside she will pee on the carpet or floorboards even after peeing right in front of me outside minutes before we come in. I've made the treats more interesting, she gets lots of praise for going outside and I make sure she is calm and not excited upon re entering the house. I don't understand and it seems she just regresses all the work we do on housetraining. She has only had 2 accidents with pooping in the house but she learnt very quickly that was a no no but not when it comes to peeing. How can I get her to progress with her housetraining?
This Question is about
Bark Busters responded: Hello, I would be checking with the vet that there is not medical
reason, also check diet you have her on that it is not high in carbs as this
will make her drink more and the other thing you could try is feeding her in
the area she keeps peeing, this should stop her peeing there Regards Donna 
Michelle asks...
My 7 nearly 8 year old dog has in the past few months started to poo and pee in the house, quite deliberately and this morning in front of myself and daughter in her bedroom. All the dogs used to sleep inside at night but because of him are now out as I don't want the others to copy this behaviour. No new cleaning products are being used and the door is open when I am at home so no reason not to go out. I have chastised him and put him out when he is caught. Makes no difference. Any suggestions?
This Question is about
Bark Busters responded: Hello, Something has happened to him while in the yard, whether it be
someone building in the area, a big bang or one of the other dogs may of bumped
into him while he was toileting. If possible feed him his dinner in the spots
he is toileting.  Also to retrain him, restrict the area, so he can still come
into the house, but only into, say the kitchen, then over time give him more
area. Regards Donna.
Susan asks...
We have just rescued two standard poodles, who have not had a lot of training and their walking habits are unexceptable. My question is what type of lead should we be using. We have bought a harness for both dogs but we still don't seem to have much control over them. I have read about your suggestion using the 180 degree turn and we will start that this afternoon. The female seem to think she is the boss more so than the male. Thank you Susan
This Question is about
Bark Busters responded: Naawwww that is lovely of you - The problem with the harness
you bought is that they do not communicate with your dogs, they are great for in the
car.  Bark Busters has a harness and  training collar that communicates with the
dog, coupled with a 6ft lead and you are in business.Our Harnesses and Collars are available from your local Bark Busters trainer.  If you would like to have a look at our harness please go to .Regards Donna.
Lisa asks...
Hi, my friend I and got our puppies from the same litter. They are both girls. Our plan was to have them together a few days a week when we're at work to prevent them from being lonely (and making us feel less guilty for leaving them!). However, every time we get together for a playdate they fight non-stop. It looks like play fighting but it never stops. It's as if no one is prepared to give up and it continues until we separate them or they pass out from exhaustion. My dog Roxy is more dominant and even though her sister Betsy tries to walk away, Roxy keeps attacking her. It is so strange because they were playing so nicely at the breeder's house. Also, they are both very friendly and non-agressive with other dogs. I can tell they love each other because they always fall asleep snuggling and kissing but we are scared their fighting will get out of hand. Do you have any suggestion of what we can do to help them get along better?
This Question is about
Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Puppy management, Sibling rivalry
Bark Busters responded: Hello Lisa,They are doing this because they are littler mates and they were taken
away from each other to their new pack, so what is happening is they are
having sibling rivalry fights, trying to show each other they are the boss and this
will keep happening and will turn into a fight one day, my suggestion is
instead of placing them in the yard to play, for now, when you want to have the
play dates, take them both for a walk and on that walk, both of you don't allow
them to play, this way it is putting you two as the pack leader and they will
be behaving themselves, now every time you stop them going near each other on
the walk, use the word you use for when they are naughty, so once you have them
under control and you use the word, they stop, then with them on lead in
the back yard, trial them at your own discretion to play and if they get silly
use your word and maybe use a squirt bottle with water in it at the same time and
each call your puppy to you-hope this will help, if you need any other advice
please feel free to call our 1800 067710 number and speak to the trainer in
your area . Regards Donna.
Jane asks...
My dog won't use the dog door if the flap is down. She is scared of it touching her back.
This Question is about
Bark Busters responded: That is no could try propping it up, then add some light material to the top, say 2 cm, then if your dog will go through with that, then do 4 cm and so on until the doggy door is covered withthe light material, once dog is going through with no problems, start adding a heavier material, once dog is going through freely you could try the door. Also using your dog's dinner time to encourage to go through door and having dog outside as she will be more likely to want to come in rather than go out . Regards Donna.