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The natural approach
to dog training

The natural approach to dog training

Developed here in Australia, our friendly dog training techniques use the same communications methods, body language and voice control, that a dog follows as part of its instinctual pack mentality. All of our dog training takes place in the home. Our all-natural methods are effective with any dog, any age and any behavioural problem, including puppies.

Natural approach

Join the worlds largest
dog training company

Be part of the worlds largest dog training company

Be part of the worlds largest dog training company and join one of the fastest growing industries in Australia. Bark Busters has business areas available within Australia. You have the opportunity to join the growing Bark Busters Dog trainers community as we expand our areas across Australia. Achieve the prestige and rewards that come from owning a business you will love.

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Dog Training TestimonialsDog Training Testimonials

What really impressed me was how quickly Scott changed our approach once he realized how sensitive Lottie actually is. Even though she gets really excited, she is quite 'soft' and the corrections don't need to be very strong/harsh to be effective for her.

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Michele has assisted us enormously learning how to manage our border collie pup, Mollie. Her willingness to assist us with all aspects of her behaviour and welfare with encouragement, practical advice, and tips has made this a very positive experience for all.

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What you can expect
from Bark Busters

Developed through decades of practical field experience with hundreds of dog trainers and hundreds of thousands of dogs. The Bark Busters training philosophy is based upon five core principles.

Our philosophy

Lifetime Support Guarantee

Lifetime Support Guarantee

Bark Busters offers the only guarantee of its kind for dogs. We believe it has no equal anywhere in the world.

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Proven Success Worldwide

Bark Busters International Dog Trainers

Our dog friendly techniques created by Sylvia & Danny Wilson, founders of Bark Busters, have been used in training more dogs around the world than any other training method. Bark Busters therapists have trained over 1 million dogs worldwide.

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